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India Customer Plasma Cutting Machine Inspection

India customer Mr Praveen and his friend came and visit our company on 10th July.

Mr Praveen purchased CA-1530 Plasma Cutting Machine from us 20 days ago,this china trip is mainly to inspection his machine;

Here are some machine pictures and information:

*Heavier machine frame

*Dust proof on x,y,z axis

*1500x3000mm working size

More Deatils:

*LGK-120A Plasma Source for 0-15mm steel Cutting

*Starfire 2100 Control System

*Thick Sawtooth Working Table

*Exhaust Fan system

Mr Praveen was very satisfied with this machine,and gave us a high evaluation;

Delivery will be arranged next,we will provide full support including install and operate etc..

Finally,thanks for Mr Praveen's trust;

Camel CNC,Only Build Superior Machine!!!




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