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Welcome to Come back!

After a long 7-day holiday,our company starts to work officially today. Thank you very much for your blessings from new and old customers. I believe that our future cooperation will be smoother and smoother, and our country will become more prosperous.

I would also like to thank the Mexican customers for their good news in the early morning and so highly recognized our after-sales service. Thank you again for choosing CAMEL CNC, we will be happy to help you.

Jinan CAMEL CNC now is leading enterprise specializing in manufacturing, marketing and R&D of cnc router, plasma cutting machine,laser cutting machine,Panel furniture production line, CNC wood turning lathe, CNC spare parts and other CNC machines.

If you want to buy a cnc machine, just contact us and tell us your requirements, our salesmen will give you very professional advice. Our company's aim is to be the credibility of the first, strictly quality control, provide top after-sales service.




Phone: 86-13505317898

Tel: 86-0531-59827336

Email: info@camelcnc.com

Add: NO.333,Jingyi Rd,Huaiyin,Jinan,Shandong,China

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