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How to make a baseball bat by using CA-1516 cnc wood lathe

CAMEL CNC CA-1516 double axes cnc wood turning lathe is used widely for making staircases, stairway balusters, stairway newel posts; dining table legs; end table Legs; sofa table legs;bar stool legs; chair legs; chair arm posts; chair stretchers; bed rails, lamp posts,baseball bats.

How to make baseball bat by using CA-1516 CNC wood lathe

Step 1.set stop position

This lathe control system is Richauto A132 DSP controller. First  “Mode+8” find a site as the place which cutter will stop after working, then click ”ok” key to set it

Step 2align cutter set

Use X+ Y+ Z+ moves 2 cutters until they could touch wood diagonal edge, then can align cutters with high speed, near the wood then click low speed until wood stop rotate, then click “XY----->0”   “OK”,  “Z----->0”  “OK” .

Step 3. set the cutter distance

After you aligned cutters, rough cutter and fine cutter all touch diagonal edge of square wood, rotating wood manually, According to the traces left by the two cutters on same rib, measure distance between two knives in Y-axis direction with a caliper and record the value.

Then in DSP: Menu---- user parameter set---machine setup---offset, input the value you measure, OK

Spet 4. Select file “Mode + 9”, find the file ,then OK will begin to turning work.

Step 5. If second piece same with first one , press run directly .If different, reset cutters and offset .

This lathe is full automatic, and has multi function, not only turning wood but it also broaching &milling& engraving wood. Besides,you can use 4 axis control system, and engraving on flat wood. Please see more samples

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