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New Product Metal Square Pipe Plasma Cutting Machine

1. This machine is used for metal square&round tube cutting. Good man-machine control panel makes operation more convenient and simple, can cut kinds of complex shapes' metal sheet.
2. The liner rails are imported with high precision, good guide. Rack gear is manufactured by professional factory. Its surface is carbonizing and quenching.
3. LCD operate panel can prompt kinds of operating ways, so operator can operate it easily after simple training.
4. Driving system is servo or stepper drive, you can choose China LEADSHINE , Japan Panasonic /YASKAWA servo motor or stepper motor to make sure whole machine can run with smoothly in a wider speed range, short acceleration time

5. Torch height controller can adjust the best cutting distance automatically, to confirm working piece high precision cutting.

3d Rotary cutting for round &square metal tube:
1. Intersection cylindrical hole cutting of different directions and diameters on main pipe for vertical intersection between
branch pipe and main pipe
2. Intersection cylindrical end cutting on brand pipe for vertical intersection between branch pipe and main pipe
3. Bevel cutting on pipe end
4. Welding elbow cutting on pipe
5. Branch pipe intersection end cutting connected with ring main pipe
6. Square hole and branch hole cutting on pipe
7. Cutting off of pipes

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Applies in cars, motorcycles, pressure vessels,chemical machinery, nuclear industry, general machinery, engineering machinery,steel structure, shipbuilding and other industries

Working material:Stainless steel/Iron sheets, Aluminum sheets, Galvanized sheets, Titanium


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