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three sets of cnc machines with 40ft container for delivering

After more than 20 days of hard work by the workshop workers, three CNC machines were delivered on time, and 40 ft container were sent out.

The first one is CA-1390 co2 laser cutting machine with 90w RECI laser tube and Ruida control system

The second one is CA-2030 gantry plasma cutting machine with 125A Hypertherm power source.

The last one is CA-2030 cnc router with oscillating knife head, double control system.

From the beginning of the customized bed, to assembly, commissioning, inspection, and finally package, it lasts for 25 days.

Jinan CAMEL CNC has been getting plenty of praises from foreign customers because of its excellent quality, competitive price and patient after-sale services. We will continue to provide our customers with superior quality products and services. welcome to consult us!




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