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CAMEL CNC New Finished CA-1225 4 Axis 8 Heads CNC Router Machine

Update !!!

Just new finished CA-1225 4 axis 8 heads cnc router machine for Iraq customer this week,Professional for carving cubic and column work piece ,wooden table ,chair legs,furniture making etc..

Main Configuration:

1.Working length:1200mm,Max diameter 250mm

2.Industrial Heavy Duty Cast steel Structure

3.High Efficient German Rack gear transmission;X,Y axis Rack and pinion,Z axis German Ball Screw

4.Taiwan Hiwin square guide  rail

5. Servo motor and driver System

6.8*2.2KW Inverter

7.8*2.2kw water cooling spindle

8.Table moving making the machine can work on both flat and rotary shapes

9.RichAuto DSP A18 handheld Controlling System with USB interface


1.working length up to 1200 mm , suitable for mostly material working need

2.cast steel machine structure to make sure the machine working stability

3.2.2KW constant power water cooling spindle , guarantee the engraving power

4.8 spindles can work at the same time with high working efficiency .

5.Adopt imported linear square guide,ensure higher positioning accuracy of cnc machinery rotary .

6.Handle controlling, not occupying computer resource, one computer can control several e cnc machinery rotary.

Machine details :


Besides working on flat materials, the machine is widely used in carving cubic and column work piece such as wooden table legs,the human body,figure of Buddha,the goddess of mercy,sculpture,handicrafts,stair handrail,cylinder Musical Instruments.

Finished Samples:

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