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How to choose a suitable cnc plasma cutting machine

Jinan CAMEL CNC Machinery CO.,LTD now provides three types of cnc plasma cutting machine:portable plasma cutting machine,desktop plasma cutting machine and gantry plasma cutting machine.Please check the following pictures:

                         Portable Type                         Desktop Type                                   Gantry Type

How to choose a suitable machine,more tips are as below:

1.consider whether this equipment can meet your own processing needs
    Your own workpiece size and material must tell the manufacturer to say your own requirements. Dimensions include length, and width.
    The material and thicknesss decides the flame or plasma. The flame temperature is lower than that of plasma, and some stainless steel and non-ferrous flames do not move.flame cut low precision and plasma cut high precision.
    The length primarily determines the length of the rail and the effective cutting distance (plate length) of the device.
    The width primarily determines the lateral travel distance (plate width) of the device's cutting tip. How many boards should I put on the cutting table

2. power source

    Different power can cut different thick metal. so make sure how many thickneess of you process and then choose power domestically produced or imported. In the market, Chinese Huayuan LGK and Hypertherm USA are both popular.

3.After-sale Service

    When a problem occurs, this time is to test the professionalism of the salesman, timely reply and technical support of the entire company.Any company can't just sell one machine, so a strong after-sales service team is very important.

Jinan CAMEL CNC can provide the most professional advice according to customers' requirements and equip machines with high specifications but best price.A strong technical team is also waiting for you.Welcome to consult us!




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