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CAMEL CNC 5 Axis CNC Router

CAMEL CNC 5 Axis CNC Router machine is widely used in all kinds of foam material, EPS, wood, soft metal, plastic, acrylic, stone, PVC, Composite board, etc

And slotting, chamfering, drilling, milling groove and other multi-angle processing can be finished by machine.

1.With OSAI numerical control system, high machining accuracy and high speed. The Japan THK rails.and the Italy 12KW original  spindle and DMS 5 Axis head to ensure the accuracy and strength of the mechanical

2.Z-axis travel can be heightened to 1.5 meters, so that very suitable for processing large-scale three-dimensionalsurface. Intelligent processing cross-border protection function can prevent mechanical collision due to excessive processing of design file.

3.Diversified control processing speed can control the working speed, traveling speed, dropping tool speed, lowering tool speed,  greatly improve the quality and efficiency

Machined by high precision five-sided processing center, which will keeps good stability,high precision high tensile strength, static and dynamic rigidity, machine also has good property of shock absorption,heat stability and impact resistance.

5 Axcis CNC Router Machine Bed:


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