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Update New Machine CA-1270 Small Wood CNC Lathe

Update New Products!!!

To meet different clients’requirement,we have new mini size but high configuration CNC wood lathe CA-1270 with max length 700mm and max diameter 120mm.

*DSP A18 Control System

*Double Axis Four Blade Working

*Ball Screw Transmission To Ensure High Precision

*Stepper Motor and Yako Drive

Machine in Factory:

Deatailed Image:

Preofessional use for Staircases, stairway balusters, stairway newel posts; dining table legs; end table Legs; sofa table legs;

bar stool legs; chair legs; chair arm posts; chair stretchers; bed rails, lamp posts,baseball bats etc.

High Speed,High Precision,High Quality!

To meet all customers different requirements.




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